stressed from working long hours

Tired and stressed from working long hours and not having enough time to take care of yourself?

Get mentally fit and achieve your ideal conscious awareness with our unique and fun B.I.G. event recipe.

Create total well-being by staying sharp in life, your business and health, breaking new grounds.

Start really living well and gaining momentum after attending a mindful party to relieve stress and supercharge your life.

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Let's start with goals

Your mental health goals are something that help you define what you want to achieve that propel you to total well-being.


What is your reality?

Your reality is that you do have the time to add in mindfulness routines each day and in turn can get back to YOU, and we can help.

What are your options?

Your options are elevating your mindset and upgrading your well-being at mindful parties to thrive, not letting burnout be an option.

How BIG makes sure mindsets are upgraded and bodies refueled?

Most people who want to get better — at hitting golf shots, negotiating with clients, delivering presentations or any other field of endeavor — seek out new information. They read a book, take a class, hire an expert tutor.

But as our Founder and CEO, Jessica Bird, has learned from many years of reading/receiving coaching and beginning a business, this “outside-in” approach often doesn’t produce the results people want. More information often becomes a distraction rather than a solution, and high performance remains elusive-- unless if you are making the conscious choice to give yourself the gift of an "inner tune-up" by maintaining with rejuvenating music and merry mindfulness at a pre-designed- just for busy people- event resilience recipe giving way for uplift and fellowship.





Take on the recipe for resilience today!

MMM Goood Ingredients for

Today's Fast Paced Lifestyle

Effortlessly enjoy the Experience while being Elevated

Musical Masters

Every Event, we start by introducing live ukulele/guitar playing with a Lei'ing. We underscore all speaking performances with ambient DJ music. This allows your body and mind to refuel the missing stamina it needs. Music is the basis to heal as well as allows for effortlessly enjoying the rebooting process we've designed for businesspeople in a cohesive event recipe.

Motivational Mentors

Every Event, we take your mindset to another level by kicking butt in mental fitness thinking. Don't expect to go home unchanged with our cast of Globally renowned business and personal peak-performance trainers. Ex's) A mind-blowing magician, and Tony Robbin's top trainer... This begins the seamless supercharging effect where anything that's thrown at you, can't stand a chance.

Merry Mindfulness

Every Event, are yoga and meditation pros to give your body the stretch and calmness it need to put you in the right mood for any endevour. Participation is optional as all demo'ing is created for take-home techniques. Each selection of Hula Dance tells a different story in each part of the series of 4/yr, with an awakening. Offered are complimentary, organic liquor tastings.

How much does it cost?

There are no hidden fees. We have one cost. That's all!
*Early-Bird deal of $75 for two tickets continues.*



or $75/two

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take control of your mental health and wellness before it is too late! Our special events have limited seating so take advantage of this offer today!


Make the most out of this once in a lifetime opportunity


Easily remove stress from your life and improve vigor


Fly high with the Spirit of Aloha with exhilerating entertaiment

What Customers & Affiliates are Saying

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Bird Infinity Group over the past few years, and it has been an awakening experience. Jessica has the innate gift of reaching the right audiences, bringing them together and treating them to an event experience that will elevate their sense of self and spiritual growth.

She has set a precedent in the events industry by inspiring her guests to cultivate their own positive ways of thinking which propels them forward to living the lives of their dreams. Jessica finds the most amazing speakers, incredible entertainment, and beautiful venues that leave you excited to come to the next event.

Jessica is a leader in proving to guests that you can have a great time at an event and still walk away with new ideals, increased strength, unexpected healing and a positive attitude."

- Jennifer Kelly ( Guest, Affliliate )

"From the moment I walked in to the event, Jessica hugged me warmly and I felt at home. I especially love the Hawaiian theme, which pointed to feelings of pleasure and relaxation immediately. As the party blossoms, I met people – – men, women and children enjoying themselves in wholesome ways. The combination of entertainment from the Hawaiian dancers, the wonderfully Deejay'd music, laughter, fun participatory activities, and inspiring speakers achieves a rare balance between enjoyment and transformational change. This was brought together while we enjoyed a delicious multicourse sit – down dinner. This is the only event that I've been to where the raffle prizes are so many that several people won twice! Imagine going to a banquet that stimulate your senses and thoughts! At the same time! Where else can you get that? Jessica's parties! Thank you! Happy! More please! (Borrowing from one of my favourite movie titles!)"

- Meridith Everest ( Guest, Affiliate )

Bird Infinity Group LLC, 466 Foothill Blvd. #371 La Canada, USA